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CBC.CaTechnology Jan 10, 2017

Northern permafrost soon to be museum piece in Ottawa

Permafrost is thawing in Canada's North, but two core samples from Yukon have been set aside for preservation and display, at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Read full coverage

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CBC.CaGeneral News Jan 9, 2017

Winnipeg couple killed when ambulance crashes during Cuban vacation

Rozsa and Janos Boda were celebrating the new year and Janos’ 50th birthday with a vacation in Cuba when tragedy struck. Read full coverage

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The GaurdianBusiness Jan 6, 2017

Southern rail, London Underground and BA staff to go ahead with strikes

Closures planned for zone 1 tube stations as well as cancellation of Southern rail services and some British Airways flightsA wave of strikes affecting travel by rail and air will hit passengers next week as workers on Southern rail, London Undergrou... Read full coverage

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