News: Malaysia News Aug 1, 2015

Reunion debris set to arrive in France

BOEING 777 debris discovered on Reunion is due to arrive in France at 2pm (AEST) - but even if it belongs to MH370, how much will it reveal about the fate of the plane? Read full coverage

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WSJ.comGeneral News Aug 1, 2015

France to Analyze Whether Airplane Debris Comes From MH370

A piece of airplane debris that washed up on the island of Réunion was to be sent to France, but authorities cautioned it would be days before investigators come to any conclusion about whether it is part of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Read full coverage

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Sunday Morning HeraldGeneral News Aug 1, 2015

MH370: Debris found on Reunion looks set to be confirmed as from missing plane

Confirmation that plane debris washed up on a remote Indian Ocean island is from missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370 appears imminent, representing the first breakthrough in one of the world's most baffling aviation mysteries. Read full coverage

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Reunion debris ‘from a Boeing 777’

AUTHORITIES have confirmed debris found on Reunion island is part of a Boeing 777 - the same type of aircraft as the missing flight MH370. Read full coverage

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