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ViceGeneral News Aug 19, 2015

A New Documentary Dives Into the ‘Cyclone of Bullshit’ in South Sudan

Adolescent boy from the Baritribe, South Sudan, apparently imitating the tribal tradition of warriors putting ashes on their body. This is the ash produced from burning trash. All stills from 'We Come as Friends.' Courtesy of Hubert Sauper ... Read full coverage

Tags: culture, film, movies, documentaries, We Come as Friends, Hubert Sauper, South Sudan, neocolonialism, Africa, South Sudan independence

Huffington Post UKEntertainment Aug 11, 2015

WISE WORDS: Scott Mills Talks 'Strictly Come Dancing' Backlash, Tackling Anxiety And How He Switches Off From The World (EXCLUSIVE)

BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills is the latest star to get the WISE WORDS treatment, where we ask a range of people from all across the entertainment industry to reflect on the lessons they’ve learned over the years. He tells us about how he copes w... Read full coverage

Tags: wise, words:, scott, mills, talks, 'strictly, come, dancing', backlash, , tackling, anxiety, and, how, he, switches, off, from, the, world, (exclusive), uk, entertainment

ViceGeneral News Aug 7, 2015

The Complicated Business of Selling Smart Drugs

Gordon Filemu Cady in front of Crystal Clear Supplements, his Portland store that sells nootropic substances. Photo by the author. I'm sitting with a man named Gordon Cady and getting ready to swallow 700 milligrams of polyrhachis ants. "They ... Read full coverage

Tags: Joe Rogan, Gordon Cady, joe rogan, Nootropics, Drugs, Adderall, Smart Drugs, NFL, Concussions, Crystal Clear Supplements

Huffington Post UKTechnology Aug 3, 2015

MH370: Simulation Reveals How Debris From Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Could Have Moved Through The Ocean

Experts have produced a computer simulation which purports to show how suspected MH370 aircraft debris could have travelled from the southwest Australian coast all the way to the shores of Africa. The clip was created by hydrodynamic specialists at... Read full coverage

Tags: mh370:, simulation, reveals, how, debris, from, missing, malaysia, airlines, flight, could, have, moved, through, the, ocean, uk, tech

ViceGeneral News Aug 1, 2015

I Was Almost a Television Star for a Show About Sex Tourism

A month shy of my 40th birthday, I clicked on an email with the subject line: Female Sex Tourists. I usually mark messages like this as spam, but I'd written a piece about DIY sex tourism for McSweeney's a year earlier, so I figured the sen... Read full coverage

Tags: sex tourism, Jamaica, women who want to get laid, sex, sex after 40, television, production, Dateline, ABC, lady stuff, sex tourists, female sex tourists, ABC Dateline

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