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ViceGeneral News Aug 1, 2015

I Was Almost a Television Star for a Show About Sex Tourism

A month shy of my 40th birthday, I clicked on an email with the subject line: Female Sex Tourists. I usually mark messages like this as spam, but I'd written a piece about DIY sex tourism for McSweeney's a year earlier, so I figured the sen... Read full coverage

Tags: sex tourism, Jamaica, women who want to get laid, sex, sex after 40, television, production, Dateline, ABC, lady stuff, sex tourists, female sex tourists, ABC Dateline

ViceGeneral News Jul 30, 2015

How to Have One-Night Stands in Your Twenties

Photo by Bruno BayleyA version of this article originally appeared on VICE UK.There needs to be a guide to one-night stands because one-night stands are impossibly complicated. The challenges involved are also totally different to those you'll e... Read full coverage

Tags: Sex, One Night Stand, fling, stranger, sleeping, bed, relationships, STD, alcohol, fucking, date, safe sex, dating, perverts, condom, consent, walk of shame, friends, colleagues, anal, nightbus, snogging, LGBT, boy, girl, fuck, uber, orgasm

Huffington Post CanadaBusiness Jul 12, 2015

SHANGHAI - This could be the story of an American dream. An immigrant family builds a successful business and buys a four-bedroom house in a quiet neighbourhood with good schools for their young son. But not all is as it seems on the steep, curving s... Read full coverage

Tags: the, secret, life, of, suburban, counterfeiter, woman, evades, us, lawsuits, and, gets, green, card

ViceGeneral News Jul 9, 2015

VICE Loves Magnum: Jérôme Sessini Photographs History's Greatest Losers

Libya, Ajdabiya. March 24, 2011. Portrait of a rebel on Ajdabiya road. All photos by Jérôme Sessini/Magnum Photos WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES Jérôme Sessini claims to have gotten into photography by chance. ... Read full coverage

Tags: Jérôme Sessini, Magnum, Magnum Photos, France, Ukraine, Irak, photographie, photojournalisme, photos, photo, Syria, Mexico, Latin America, photography, photojournalism, war, Conflict, VICE France, vice international

ViceGeneral News Jul 3, 2015

VICE Vs Video Games: Dating in ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Is Like Real Life, Only with More Robot Hand-Jobs

All screen shots courtesy of the author; copyright Rockstar Games/Take-Two Interactive This article first appeared on VICE UK "What do you want to do?" I asked. "Well, what can we do?" she replied. What, indeed? Grand Theft Auto Online is a h... Read full coverage

Tags: Grand Theft Auto Online, Grand Theft Auto V, Dating, Matt Porter, VICE Gaming, Wanking Robots, VICE vs Video Games, Crushing pedestrians with sportscars, Flying aeroplanes recklessly to impress a date, Landing helicopters on cinema roofs because you'v

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