Trump: BuzzFeed Report "Fake News" Propagated By "Sick People"

Real Clear PoliticsPolitics Jan 11, 2017

Trump: BuzzFeed Report

President-Elect Donald Trump responded to BuzzFeed at a news conference held Wednesday morning in New York. Trump said the unsubstantiated claims are a "disgrace" put together by "sick people." From his news conference: JOHN HARWOOD, CNBC/NEW YORK TIMES: The intelligence briefing that you received on Friday that we're looking for further clarification on. Did the heads of the intelligence agencies provide you with the two-page summary of these unsubstantiated allegations and secondly, in the broader picture, do you accept their opinion that Vladimir Putin ordered the hack of the DNC and the attempted hack of the RNC? And if you do, how will that color your attempts to build a relationship with a leader who has been accused of committing an act of espionage? PRESI Read full coverage

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