Kara and Kyal rock The Block

PerthNowEntertainment Jan 27, 2014

YOUR fave reality TV shows are back with a bang - we have our first Block losers, MKR got cheesy and Michelle returned to The Biggest Loser. Read full coverage

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The AtlanticEntertainment Sep 27, 2016

<i>Queen of Katwe</i> Is the Best Kind of Feel-Good Story

Most movies that fall under the umbrella of “feel good” have a few things in common. They’re often, to varying degrees, sentimental or agreeably superficial. They follow fairly straightforward emotional arcs that end in uplift&mdash... Read full coverage

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Los Angeles TimesEntertainment Sep 27, 2016

Stop trying to shape the narrative

The most exhausting thing about our politics these days – other than the never-ending presidential election itself – is the obsession with “shaping the narrative.” By that I mean the effort to connect the dots between a select... Read full coverage

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