People.comEntertainment Jan 11, 2017

Inside the ‘Typical’ Lives of the 12-Year-Olds Who Tried to Kill for Slenderman

In 2014, a 12-year-old girl crawled out of the woods covered in wounds, having miraculously survived a shocking attack: According to authorities, two friends had taken her to the woods and stabbed her 19 times. Their goal was apparently to attract th... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Jan 11, 2017

Chance the Rapper on His Musical Idol Kanye West: ‘That’s What a Rapper Is to Me’

Chance the Rapper has made it known that he’s one of Kanye West’s biggest fans, but the star admits he never wanted to be like West “in personality.” The 23-year-old graces the cover of GQ magazine’s February issue,... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Jan 11, 2017

Lena Dunham Says She’s Had Her Period for 13 Days

In a candid Instagram post on Tuesday, Lena Dunham told followers she has been on her period for nearly two weeks. The 30-year-old Girls star shared a paparazzi photo of herself — snapped as she walked the streets wearing a white furr... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Jan 11, 2017

Chicago Basement Cat Sheds 5 Lbs. of Matted Fur and Finds Forever Home

It’s amazing what a haircut can do. Case in point, Sinbad the cat, who was found in the basement of an elderly man’s home in December, carrying 5 lbs. of filthy, matted fur. The Anti-Cruelty Society‘s humane investigation team recei... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Jan 11, 2017

What Oprah REALLY Eats in a Day — and Yes, Her Diet Includes Wine and Bread!

After 17 months on Weight Watchers, Oprah is a master at working her daily points. “I play those points like a game!” Winfrey, 62, tells PEOPLE. The media mogul and Weight Watchers stakeholder carefully follows the healthy eating program,... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Jan 11, 2017

108-Year-Old Ohio Woman Being Forced Out of Assisted Living Facility: ‘We Need a Miracle,’ Says Daughter

“My mom has always said the Lord will take care of her,” Susan Hatfield tells PEOPLE. “I just hope the Lord isn’t above working through GoFundMe.” Having just celebrated her 108th birthday, Hatfield’s mom, Carrie R... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Jan 11, 2017

Is This Kirsten Dunst’s Engagement Ring from Fargo Costar Jesse Plemons? See Her New Bling

Kirsten Dunst may be headed down the aisle in 2017. The actress stepped out at the Palm Springs Film Festival on Jan. 2, sporting a diamond ring on that finger, amid reports that she’s engaged to boyfriend and Fargo costar Jesse Plemons. The ri... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Jan 11, 2017

Why People Are a Little Upset About Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson

Last year, news broke that Joseph Fiennes, a white British man, had been cast as late music icon Michael Jackson, a black American man. Fiennes’ role comes as part of a new TV movie called Urban Myths: A Brand New Collection of Comedies, an ant... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Jan 11, 2017

There’s a This Is Us Wedding Coming Soon — Just Maybe Not the One You’re Thinking

Spoiler warning: For those who haven’t seen the midseason premiere of This Is Us, key plot details are revealed below. There are definitely wedding bells on the set of This Is Us, but not for the couple you may expect. Although the midseas... Read full coverage

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