Does this woman deserve to be hated? News Jan 10, 2014

Does this woman deserve to be hated?

CANDACE Cameron Bure says she's a proudly submissive wife, sparking fierce debate about a woman's role in the family. Here are the opinions from both sides of the fence. Read full coverage

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Daily MailGeneral News May 28, 2016

White Britons could be in the minority by 2060's claims Oxford professor DAVID COLEMAN

Rapid population growth, driven by the highest immigration in our history, is destabilising and transforming Britain's population, writes DAVID COLEMAN. Read full coverage

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VoanewsGeneral News May 28, 2016

Trump Rallies Draw Protests in California

About 1,000 protesters marched and chanted outside the San Diego Convention Center on Friday as presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke to supporters inside. Waving U.S. and Mexican flags, the protesters confronted police in ... Read full coverage

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