WATCH: Is Troy The Magician The New Dynamo, And How On Earth Did He Do THIS?

Huffington Post UKEntertainment Jan 24, 2014

WATCH: Is Troy The Magician The New Dynamo, And How On Earth Did He Do THIS?

There's a new magician in town, and his name is Troy. 24-year-old Troy Von Scheibner is of German and Jamaican heritage and grew up in South London. At the age of 13 he decided to join The Young Magicians Club, where later he was awarded "young close-up magician of the year" aged only 15. His new TV series will combine elements of street magic and close up studio illusions, with each episode culminating in one spectacular stunt. Troy's self-titled show will air on E4 and Channel 4 next month and, by the looks of things in our Exclusive Clip below, it could be that Dynamo and others have a rival on their hands. Don't let his unassuming manner fool you and, while you're about it, could you let us know how he did this trick? Thanks! Read full coverage

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