‘EastEnders': The Sexiest Ever Stars, From Nigel Harman To Lacey Turner

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‘EastEnders': The Sexiest Ever Stars, From Nigel Harman To Lacey Turner

The ‘EastEnders’ studios at Elstree have seen more than their fair share of fitties walk through the door since the show was first broadcast in 1985. Plenty of Albert Square residents - including the Slaters, Mitchells and Beale family - have become household names and let's face it, it’s helped that more than a few of the actors are pretty fit. Nigel Harman, who’s currently starring in ‘The X Factor’ musical ‘I Can’t Sing’, made his name starring as Dennis Rickman while Jessie Wallace and Lacey Turner found fame as part of the Slater family. Then there’s everybody’s fave classic ‘EastEnders’ stars - we’re talking Martin Kemp, Letitia Dean and the lush Nick Berry. Check out this gallery of the Read full coverage

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