A birthday party mingle for Clara and Mateo

Food BlogBlog Mar 3, 2014

A birthday party mingle for Clara and Mateo

by AimeeClara and Mateo’s birthdays’ are only ten days apart, so a combined party for them last Saturday was my eleventh-hour attempt to shortcut the birthday season this year. It was a little helter-skelter, but still great fun, and a success, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have to do it all over again […]A birthday party mingle for Clara and Mateo is a post from Simple Bites © 2010-2013 Simple Living Media, LLC | All rights reserved - This feed is provided for the convenience of Simple Bites subscribers. Any reproduction of the content within this feed is strictly prohibited. If you are reading this content elsewhere, please contact hello@simplelivingmedia.com to let us know. Thanks. Read full coverage

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