The Founder review by BRIAN VINER

Daily MailEntertainment Feb 17, 2017

The Founder review by BRIAN VINER

The Founder is about Ray Kroc, who set eyes on a Californian hamburger restaurant, founded by an amiable pair of brothers called McDonald. Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Feb 20, 2017

Alyssa Milano Talks About Her Body Image Post-Kids: ‘The Female Body Is the Most Amazing Machine’

Giving birth to two children has completely changed Alyssa Milano‘s perspective on her body. While the actress says she’s never been critical of her shape, pregnancy helped her appreciate it even more. “Once you have kids, you reali... Read full coverage

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Films That Were Panned By Critics But Still Made it to the Oscars

An Academy Award nomination has long been considered one of the greatest honors in filmmaking. But not all movies that earn accolades from the Academy are ultimately considered successes by critics and audiences. These eight films definitely took bea... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Feb 20, 2017

‘Baby Came Back!’ SpaceX’s Rocket Safely Returns to Earth in Launch Pad Landing on Historic Site

Rocket launches are always cool to watch. But rocket landings? Now that’s truly out of this world. On Sunday, private space company SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. After sending a ... Read full coverage

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New York MagazineEntertainment Feb 20, 2017

It’s good to know a little bit about a person before you and your nation begin an international friendship with him, so Late Week Tonight With John Oliver opened the dossier on Russian president Vladimir Putin last night to see if, as President... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Feb 20, 2017

Pope Francis Warns Young People: Texting During Meals Is the ‘Start of War’

Pope Francis wants young people to keep their cell phones far away from the dinner table. Addressing a young crowd at a university in Rome on Friday, the 80-year-old pontiff improvised a speech warning against the dangers of ... Read full coverage

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People.comEntertainment Feb 20, 2017

The ‘Surreal’ Moment Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo Tried on Her Wedding Dress for the Last Time: ‘I’m Blown Away’

  Duggar family fans have been watching Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo prepare to make her journey down the aisle — and now, it’s finally here. In an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s two-hour Counting On wedding special, ... Read full coverage

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