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MedicalXpress.comHealth Dec 10, 2016

Magnetic stimulation may provide more precise, reliable activation of neural circuitry

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers have developed what appears to be a significant improvement in the technology behind brain implants used to activate neural circuits responsible for vision, hearing or movement. The investigators, who... Read full coverage

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Roll CallPolitics Dec 10, 2016

Democrat Wastes No Time Announcing for 2017 Washington Special Election

As of Friday afternoon, President-elect Donald Trump had not officially announced Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers as his pick for secretary of the Interior.  Get breaking news alerts and more from Roll Call on your iPhone or your Android.... Read full coverage

Tags: 2017, conservatives, donald-trump, open-seat, politics, special-election, Campaigns, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, democrats, Donald J. Trump, Economy, Elections, Executive Branch, House, leadership, Maria Cantwell, Medicare, Republicans, Social Security, Special Election, staffer

GlobalnewsHealth Dec 10, 2016

Could mayonnaise soon contain tree pulp? Scientists think so

Nanocellulose and lignin, derived from wood fibres, are on the verge of becoming available in larger commercial quantities, bringing the possibility of replacing a range of oil-based products with more environmental friendly alternatives. Read full coverage

Tags: Tree products, Eco products, Environmentally Friendly, Finland, Food, Food from tree lignin, Food made from trees, lignin, Nanocellulose, Tree, Tree fibres, Tree pulp, Consumer, Environment, Health, Science, World

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